Light notes of a rich milk chocolate mixed with shredded coconuts that will whisk you away to a tropical paradise and make you want to feel some of the local coconuts!

Our products are great for everyone, from the beer lovers to the avid outdoorsmen to the health conscious, we are able to provide products that no one else in the country can.

We locally source as much as possible and are always looking for ways to be as sustainable as possible. Starting with the most basic of ingredients: our spent grain. We locally source from breweries that are within 30 miles of our bakery. We also take measure to locally source our honey from Spokane, our eggs come fresh from our backyard every day and our hops are sourced from Yakima. We are working to source our fruits as much as possible from local growers when they are in season. Lastly, our products do not contain any preservatives, other than what comes in the dried from.

Check Out My Coconuts! Granola - 8oz