Our CBD tinctures are 100% gluten free, vegan and human grade. We only use the highest grade CBD and have everything tested before using it and only use 99.98% or more pure. There is never any THC in any of our CBD products.


CBD tinctures are great for people (and animals) that suffer from anxiety and stress. There are no halucengenic effects, it is just meant to help one relax and calm. 


Our most popular size is our 250mg bottle. However, we do offer higher concentrations for people who use CBD multiple times a day, as well as for larger breed dogs*.



*suggested dosing for dogs are as follows:

8lbs-20lbs: 1-4mg/dose

24lbs-35lbs: 2-8mg/dose

35lbs-55lbs: 5-12mg/dose

55lbs-85lbs: 8-16mg/dose

85lbs-100lbs: 9-20mg/dose

- in general it's suggested 1-2mg/10lbs. Does cannot overdose on CBD, so you may double and triple dose your pup for especially stressful situations.

- you can also check our our CBD Mellow Pup treats here: https://www.thebrewmastersbakery.com/product-page/cbd-mellow-pup-8oz


Any questions you can always email us at CBD@TheBrewmastersBakery.com 

CBD Tincture Oil