Tell Us About the Ingredients!


Brewer’s Wet Grain – aka “spent grain” is a wheat, rye and/or barley mixture that has been milled and boiled for the beer brewing process. Sugars are extracted and we take what’s left over, primarily fiber and protein.


Peanut Butter – We believe in using pure, clean ingredients, that means using just roasted peanuts ground down.


Eggs –We raise our own girls so we know what goes in them, so we know what comes out in their eggs. Our crew free ranges year-round and enjoys plenty of bugs and organic feed.


Blueberries – We partner with a local farm to bring pups the best blueberries which offer high levels of antioxidants to help strengthen the cardiovascular system and brain health (we can’t promise your dog will get smarter, sorry!)


Flaxseed – We grind flaxseed in house to keep them fresh. The omega-3 & omega-6 support a healthy coat and skin, it also helps support healthy joints, kidneys and works in concert with the blueberries to promote a healthier/stronger immune system.


Cannabidiol (CBD) – Our CBD is always 99.98%+ pure CBD & never contains THC. CBD helps dogs – just like humans – with pain, stress and anxiety. You can learn more about this by visiting our website. Our treats are never baked over 170degrees to make sure that the CBD stays intact and there is no breakdown of the product.


How should I use this with MY pup? Suggested dosing is based on weight and it’s recommended 1-2mg/10lbs (you can double and triple dose for high stress situations if needed). Each treat contains 10mg of CBD and comes in squares to make it easier for you to break up.


Recommended Feeding (1-3x/day)

Toy (8lbs-20lbs) – ¼ to ½

Small (24lbs-35lbs) – ½ to ¾

Medium (35lbs-55lbs) – ½ to 1

Large (55lbs-85lbs) – 1 to 1½

X-Large (85lbs-100lbs) – 1½ to 2


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Ingredients: Brewer’s Wet Grain, Brewer’s Wet Grain Flour, Peanut Butter (peanuts), Eggs, Flaxseed, Blueberries, Cannabidiol. Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein (min) 17.8%Crude Fat (min) 18.2%Crude Fiber (max) 22.0%Crude Moisture (max) 3.87%

CBD Mellow Pup