Our Roots Grow in Our Communities


We believe we all rise together and that no matter how small you are you can make a difference. It's with that understanding that we provide for different non-profit organizations in the communities we serve. Below are different ways we can support your local group.



Auction Donations

We are happy to donate a basket to your auction or raffle. We ask for 6-8 weeks notice and that you are able to come pick up the basket no more than a week before the event. Our baskets will vary based on your event size and demographic. 



Baked Goods Donation

Do you have a need for baked goods? A food pantry, homeless shelter, blood bank, etc. Let us know if we can help. We may be able to make in-kind donations to support you. All we ask is you display our information with the donation. 



Group Fundraiser

Colleges, sports clubs, fraternities, class trips, etc. We have a fundraising program for you. We have specially priced items for you to sell at $8.00/item (you will keep $4.00/item). We have a system set up so you can sell vouchers to be redeemed on a special day. We will offer incentives and prizes for the top sales person in your group. Incentives and prizes could range from goodie baskets to vouchers for our bakery and partner breweries to private parties at our partner breweries (depending on age of participants). It's all up to you and your group!



Monthly Specialty Items

We also offer the opportunity to co-brand with us for a month. Lots of causes pick a month to focus all their fundraising effots and we are happy to be apart of that with you. We take one of our best selling items and donate a portion of the proceeds to yoru cause. We can add your logo to our packaging, give you flyers to hand out and promote the fundraiser on our social media. 



Contact us at info@thebrewmastersbakery.com with some of your ideas and we can work together to raise some much needed funds for your cause!